Born in 1984 in Antwerp, Stéphanie P.J.E. Poppe is a paper & embroidery artist, influenced by her family’s history (textile industry during the 20th century). Her education in art history and restoration of works on paper has further shaped her artistic practice.

Stéphanie lives and works between Belgium & France.


Since 2013, she started developing her own artistic style, calculated yet intuitive, always remaining curious about the synergistic relationship between art and architecture, nature and culture, history and the present. The harmonious state of coexistence between a more permanent condition and the ephemeral. Like a spider, she creates intricate yet minimalistic structures that reflect this fragile equilibrium.

A recurring theme is the synergy between urban and rural life – how both are interdependent and can be complementary.

Patience, balance, and harmony are key concepts in her art. Balance between elements, balance in materiality and balance in time are the foundations. Larger works can take up to 3 months.

Her work consists of three interconnected series:
– Synergies
– Natures artificielles (Artificial natures)
– Fragiles


Synergies, harmonies and odes to patience – vanitas & 物の哀れ

“I don’t believe art needs to convey any kind of specific message. It can be a powerful medium though, but doesn’t have to be per se. Art, in my opinion, has to generate emotions … positive emotions preferably – peacefulness, balance … those are notions and emotions that I try to reflect in my work. Atmospheres which reflect harmony… These can be found anywhere, even in the biggest urban centers. Synergies between rest and action, past and present, nature and culture. The harmonious state of coexistence between a more permanent condition and the ephemeral. Balance between elements, balance in materiality, balance in time. The world can be such an unsparingly rough place at times and I believe it is important to look for those atmospheres and harmonies. To have the patience to look for them. They can be temporary (like rain reflecting in streetlights) or lasting. They keep us balanced in this fast-paced world and bring us back to the essentials.”

Tools of trade

Paper, metallic wire and thread are her preferential materials, offering nearly endless possibilities. In addition, she also works with inks, aquarelle, acrylic paint, and digital programs.

Stylistic (p)reference

Biormorphism, Abstract impressionism, Baroque minimalism

Prices & inquiries

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