We restore paper and create pieces with paper as a preferential material.
Paper is our profession and our passion!


Born in 1984 in Antwerp, Stéphanie P.J.E. Poppe is a paper restorer & artist. Her education in art history and restoration of works on paper has further shaped her practice.

After working in media, she decided to pursue her passion of working with paper.

She now specializes in washi, paper materials and techniques.

Over the years Stéphanie has followed a training in paper restoration, masterclasses in Asian papers and contemporary restoration techniques.

2013 – First Artistic Practice – The start of it all and first sold artworks

2018 – Specialization in Paper Restoration – Continuing studies in art history and paper restoration

2020 – Opening Independent Studio – First publications in art magazines

2022 – Collaborations and Salon des Beaux Arts – Collaborations, technical paper advice for artistic projects and participation to the Salon des Beaux Arts 2022 in Paris